Monday, July 13, 2009

Amazon rocks for conversions

Not exactly news to anyone and I remember speaking to Al about this when we first met but at the time I didn’t have any product based sites and had not used Amazon for some time, however with PC’s I decided to add some amazon banners/widegets and boy do they convert traffic!

OK so I am not selling high ticket value items just yet but I am working on it, PCs is just getting around 150-200 visitors per day which is fine it’s early days, I removed adsense as it’s pretty worthless at the minute and last week added Amazon so after around 8 days the screen shot on the left shows how it’s going.

116 clicks and 34 items ordered, it’s obvious from the stats some people have ordered 3 items etc so not 34 orders but 34 items, even still it’s a true testiment to what they do with your traffic when you send it across. Another plus is that it opens in a new window.

Like I said I’m probably preaching to the converted, however if your getting a few hundered visitors per day and your still using Adsense I’d recommend swapping that over if your product based in any way and getting some contextual or widgets on instead। When I logged in this morning I found out I sold 11 items yesterday most of which are still low value so I changed the main widget from showing pc games to actual desktops, laptops and netbooks to see if I could pick up higher value items, will be interesting to see how it goes and it’s a lot more fun than getting clicks for pennies.


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