Saturday, February 13, 2010

Top 10 Best-Blogger-Templates: free-best-blogger-templates

These are my top rated Free Best-Blogger-Templates . I am not rating them in order because this might make the developers unhappy. I am giving the downloading links to all these best-blogger-templates that are for free .
So Enjoy and give comments also...If you find any problem please feel free to contact me and get the details.

The Daily Inspired by Woork

Dreamwork Redux (Converted by JackBook)

Why i am putting this template in best-blogger-templates category just because footer is very specifically made for seo point of view. You can use footer as recent posts, recent comments, recent updates. all three columns can be very precisely managed here. So download and enjoy.

Simplex WorldNews Blogger Template

Reason for for ranking this blog as a best-blogger-template is just because you can manage adsense in it very professionaly. good spacing for adsense and new events.

Preview | Download 


 Emperors Blogger Template


As seen from the template snap shot.... Every thing is clear.. extremely good blogger template for photo gallery best-blogger-templates.

 Preview | Download


BloggerMag Blogger Template


Wow...When i first had a look on this website i really didnt notice anything good in it...But try to understand this blog...This blog is really a master piece. a little tricky to handle because it has many sections. But if you can manage it your blog can gain traffic and pagerank as well.Because more the content more is the traffic and page rank... try to manage its sections and enjoy.....It is really a best-blogger-template

Rockwell Blogger Template

Colorfull and attractive ....

Preview | Download



Promagazine Black Blogger Template

recomended as a best-blogger-template just because you can fit image adsense in the center column which can lead you to good CTR .

 Preview | Download

Clean Elegant Blogger Template 

it was made for wordpress then reconverted for blogger Simple but attractive............

Preview | Download




Green Marinee
Thumbs Up for this simple blog .........





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