Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Are The Best Jobs In A Recession? | Earn money

It would be an easy answer to say that the best jobs in a recession are those that won't get cut, but that's only a partial truth. It really depends on what you employment goals are after all. If you want to make the most money you can, the best jobs are still the high-paying jobs you're probably pursuing now. If the job you have or plan to get is meant to train yourself for a future business, you wouldn't want to give that up for a more secure position in a recession that could last a long time and therefore delay your progress towards your goals for a long time

But we can start with jobs where layoffs are less likely. These will be in the industries that both maintain their sales during a recession and those that actually benefit from it as well. Retailers of cheap necessities, like WalMart don't see sales decline much in tough economic times. The same is true of any discount stores that primarily sell necessities. Utility companies fall into this category too, since we still light our houses when times are difficult. If you look for work in these industries you might still want to look for those jobs that offer opportunities for advancement as well.
Businesses that do better during a recession interestingly include movie theaters - at least during bad recessions and depressions. At the moment (2009) sales are up at most theaters around the United States, so the jobs available at them are fairly secure. They are low-paying though, so look for the companies that have advancement opportunities (most likely the larger theaters and chains). Lawyers specializing in bankruptcy law also do better during tough times, as do repossession companies. I'll tell you from experience that you better enjoy the thrill of doing auto repossessions, because the pay is not usually much better than a fast food job.


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