Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meta Robots WordPress plugin

There's no easy way to add meta robots tags to WordPress pages, unless of course, when you install this plugin.

This plugin makes it possible (and very easy) to:

  • Prevent indexing of your search result pages, while still allowing the search engines to follow the links on them, by adding noindex,follow robots meta tags.
  • Prevent indexing of the subpages to your homepage, by adding a noindex,follow.
  • Prevent indexing of your login, register and admin pages by adding noindex robots meta tags.
  • Add noodp an noydir meta robots tags, allowing you to opt out of DMOZ and Yahoo! Directory descriptions.
  • Prevent Yahoo! and Google from indexing your feeds by adding a meta tag to their head-section.
  • Disable author and date-based archives.Box on posts and pages to change the robots meta tag.
  • Nofollow the category listings on single posts and pages to prevent PageRank leakage.
  • Nofollow outbound links on your frontpage.
  • Nofollow tag links.
  • Edit your robots.txt and .htaccess from within your WordPress.
  • Add robots meta tags to individual posts and pages.
  • Verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo! Site Explorer.In

    WordPress 2.3 and up:

  • Prevent indexing of just your comment feeds.
  • Enforce a trailing slash on archive and tag pages.

Installation is easy:

* Download the plugin from
* Copy it to the plugins directory of your blog.
* Enable the plugin in your admin panel.
* An options panel will appear under Plugins.
* Choose the settings you want.


* I set the plugin to nofollow my category listings, and it still shows them without nofollow, what am I doing wrong?
You should check whether your theme uses wp_list_categories and wp_get_archives, as opposed to the deprecated list_cats, wp_list_cats or get_archives.
* I've activated the plugin and set it to add a NOODP tag, but no robots meta tag shows in my source.
You should check whether your theme has a wp_head() call in the header, and add it if it doesn't.
* I've saved my settings, but the plugin doesn't change the content of the robots.txt or .htaccess?
It's not supposed to. The Meta Robots plugin got it's name because it adds robots meta tags to the section of your HTML, the function to edit the .htaccess file and the robots.txt files were added later, but none of the settings will make changes to these files.

2.9.1 Fixed a bug with noindexing of the homepage's subpages.
2.9 Fixed some bugs and added the option to redirect links to search pages.
2.8 The plugin now plays nice with the is_frontpage plugin.
2.7 Added verification for MSN Webmaster Portal.
2.2 Added verification for Yahoo! Site Explorer.
2.1 Added verification for Google Webmaster Tools.
2.0 Added a Robots Meta box to posts and pages, allowing you to choose a specific robots meta tag for each post and page.
1.5 Added the possibility to edit your robots.txt and .htaccess files from the Robots Meta plugin page, and the option to noindex subpages to your homepage.
1.4 Added the possibility to nofollow your category links on on posts and pages, for better silo-ing.
1.2 Added possibility to disable date and author archives, enforcing of trailing slash for WordPress 2.3.
1.1 Added noindex possibility for login, register and admin pages.
1.0 Original version.

This plugin has been translated into:

* Dutch: Meta Robots Plugin.
* Japanese


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