Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New alternative for facebook with amazing features

I found a new site which looks better than facebook, myspace, orkut, hi5 and other sites in the field of social networking.
I recommend all to join the site:

I also found some exciting features. they are listed below:

1. Discussion boards(looks very pro) in every group.

2. Good looking and basic layout.

3. Automatic music player at the profile page.

4. Easy to use settings and options.

5. Shows online friends and chat with them.

6. We can search for friends, groups, blogs, albums, music, video and much more......

7. fast, easy and unlimited music and picture uploading and sharing.

8. Extra option of sending gifts

9. No strict in posting links( you can promote your business ) But spamming strictly removed.

Now comes the best and new feature: Every user will get point (rewards) for each reactions(scrapping, joining group, making friends, uploading images, uploading music, watching other profiles etc.)
According to the points the users will be ranked. heroes are the users having high points. you can see heroes at the heroes option at the top tab.

Anyway hope you will have a look at mextena.

Invite your friends and start enjoying !


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